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First impressions matter.

If you don’t grab a customer’s interest in the first few seconds, you’ve already lost the sale. That’s where we come in. With our talent for timeless website design, we help you create the killer first impression you need.

What Is The Recipe For
A Great First Impression?

94% of your customer’s first impression is design-related. If you’re a small business, you need a website that feels modern, fresh, and on-trend. The best design will touch on the pain points of your audience and correct the mistakes of your competitors.

Website design that’s uniquely “you”

A cookie-cutter web design that looks mass-produced won’t help you. If you look like every other website online there’s no reason why a customer should stop and take notice.

Timeless design is our forte

We break the mold with a bespoke design that will help you stand out from the busy crowd. Designed to outpace any gimmick or "trend" - we use time-tested and proven techniques, backed up by actual SEO and content marketing strategies to get the results that matter.

Built with dependable technology

The technical aspects of your website need to be on point too. A website should respond on any device a customer is using. Don’t forget, the majority of customers searching for local businesses are on their phones. So, your website needs to look great on smaller screens too.

A Website That Grows,
Evolves, And Thrives

Design trends are constantly shifting and changing. We know this. That’s why we focus on creating a timeless website design that will serve you and your company well for years. A platform that can be the perfect content hub for your brand and your customers.

Certified top website design agency in Detroit

UpCity has recently certified Stiff Upper Lip as a top website design agency in Detroit.

Stiff Upper Lip Top Website Design Detroit
Kim Cook - Director Of Marketing
When the project was first initiated, we sat down and reviewed the project objectives, and she came back with a concept that translated every one of the requirements into a web design that made sense. Along every step of the project, she designed with purpose and thought, and remained engaged throughout the project duration to ensure a great result. She takes a lot of pride in her work and seeing it to completion. To this day, I frequently reference Aubrey as the “gold standard” of designers.
Kim Cook, Director of Marketing

Let’s get your website
in tiptop shape

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to your website, give us a shout - a short call will get you right on track and give you clear next steps.
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