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97% of online interactions start with a search engine. It’s been this way for years and it’s not going to change anytime soon. How people search may evolve but users are always going to look for companies, services, and products online. That’s why the right SEO solution will be vital for your business and it’s exactly what we provide.

On-Page SEO

Trust us when we say on-page SEO is difficult to get right. If your optimization is too obvious Google will pay attention to your site for all the wrong reasons. Instead, you need to focus on seamlessly integrating SEO tactics so they feel completely natural.

We’ll use keyword research to understand what your audience is actually searching for. Then we make sure each page is optimized using technical and on-page SEO.

Avoid Black-Hat SEO Tactics

Have you found SEO companies that claim they can get you to the top of the results pages? They can’t guarantee this. We can’t guarantee this. Even Google can’t promise you an organic top spot! A company like this will be using blackhat tactics for fast results that will fade after a day.

We don’t do this. Instead, our team focuses on building up your SEO over time to deliver long-lasting results and real growth for your business.

A Comprehensive SEO Strategy

SEO may seem like just one tactic. The reality? SEO is an umbrella term that covers lots of different tactics and tools. With our SEO services, we use a range of strategies to get you ahead of the competition.

Are you worried about falling behind the latest changes to SEO standards? We won’t let this happen. You’ll never earn a Google penalty with your site on our watch.

Why Choose Our Team
For Your SEO?

SEO is the bread and butter of any marketing campaign. Without it, your brand will be dead in the water. But it’s not as easy as you might assume. To succeed in SEO, you need experts on your side.

That’s what we provide. With more than two decades of experience, we know all the ins and outs of optimization. We’re always up to date with the latest changes to that pesky algorithm and will keep your marketing strategy ahead of the curve.

We leave the SEO nonsense out

We hate it when marketers make SEO impossible to understand. That’s why we’ll keep things simple for you. We’ll update you with the latest changes, improvements, and signs of growth. We’ll also fill you in on the strategies we’re using for your site.

The Stiff Upper Lip team reviews the latest wireframes
We start with a comprehensive website strategy

We build an SEO strategy for your business

An SEO strategy should never be cookie-cutter and ours aren’t. Each strategy is tailored to you – we take the time to study your business, understand how your customers search for you. Then we gather insight on your competition and how we can stay one step ahead.

Certified top SEO agency in Detroit

UpCity has recently certified Stiff Upper Lip as a top SEO agency in Detroit.
Stiff Upper Lip Top SEO Agency Detroit

A monthly SEO support plan that gets results

We know SEO can get lost in the shuffle – You’re busy running your business, not faffing around trying to score invisible internet points. Luckily, our SEO support plan is designed just for you. We provide 2 hours of help every month to get your website’s SEO on track.

Finish up SEO tasks

We’ll use the monthly time to complete SEO actions identified in your SEO strategy – From on-site updates, to content creation, and more.

SEO and Content Strategy

SEO & Content Strategy

We’ll build and maintain your custom SEO strategy, so you know exactly where you’re going and how we’re going to get you there.

SEO Support & Training

Want to use the monthly resource for support and training with your team? This works perfectly if you want to develop your staff into SEO experts.



Perfect for: small businesses who want an extra helping hand from an SEO expert every month

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