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Being inspired by the people you work with is everything. We have created a team dynamic unlike any other. It’s what propels us toward continued success as a growing company.

Andrew Smith - Co-Founder and Website Developer

“Building a website online is easy these days, but crafting a website that actually turns visitors into customers is much harder. Over the years I’ve learned that simply knowing how to make websites is just the beginning – Each aspect of marketing needs to work together to deliver a total experience, tailored specifically to the customers you’re speaking to. That’s why with Stiff Upper Lip I wanted to do something different – create a total solution that actually measures success.”

Andrew Smith

Co-founder & Website Developer

“Your brand tells your story. To me, it’s the most important part of my job – crafting your story and letting your customer know who you are and what you’re about right off the bat. It’s a lot of work, but I love it and you’ll find it’s always worth the extra effort in the end.”

Aubrey Smith

Co-founder & Website Designer
Aubrey Smith - Co-Founder & Website Designer
Making sure every website looks perfect on mobile devices
We start with a comprehensive website strategy
The Stiff Upper Lip team works together to build websites that perform
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